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Mathematics in a
Charlotte Mason Education

"It is a great thing to be brought into the presence of a law, a whole system of laws, that exist without our concurrence..."
Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, 231

Beauty & Truth Math exists to provide parents and teachers guidance and inspiration in implementing the Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods to mathematics.

“Knowing that the brain is the physical seat of habit and that conduct and character, alike, are the outcome of the habits we allow; knowing, too, that an inspiring idea initiates a new habit of thought, and hence, a new habit of life; we perceive that the great work of education is to inspire children with vitalising ideas as to every relation of life, every department of knowledge, every subject of thought; and to give deliberate care to the formation of those habits of the good life which are the outcome of vitalising ideas.

In this great work we seek and assuredly find the co-operation of the Divine Spirit; whom we recognize, in a sense rather new to modern thought, as the supreme Educator of mankind in things that have been called secular, fully as much as in those that have been called sacred”
(Vol. 3, 173).



In a Charlotte Mason math education, Arithmetic is the first stream that is foundational for all mathematics. Students begin with counting then progress to the four fundamental operations. In the upper forms, this stream includes consumer math and finance.

Geometry 4x3 1


Geometry is the second stream that is introduced. This stream begins with students doing hands-on geometry investigations in Practical Geometry.

Arithmetic 4x3 1


Algebra is the final stream that begins with Elementary Algebra. Eventually, the geometry and algebra streams converge into Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Upon completing Algebra 2, students are equipped to take Statistics.