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We love partnering with other businesses that share our love for homeschooling families and want to support them as much as possible!

The Teacher’s Continuing Education

Teaching the Essentials of Arithmetic

We are thrilled that Yesterday’s Classics has reprinted Teaching the Essentials of Arithmetic by Dr. Philip Boswood Ballard. We consider this book the teacher’s handbook for a Charlotte Mason math education and highly recommend reading it. 

Beginning in Programme 113, under the supervision of Charlotte Mason’s protege, Elsie Kitching instructed teachers to read Dr. Ballard’s book in the Arithmetic assignments. Mrs. W. A. Stephens also heartily recommends it in one of our favorite Parent’s Review articles, Number a Figure and a Step Onward.

Printing Service

Humble Heart Press Logo

We are excited to announce our partnership with Humble Heart Press as our go-to printer. Humble Heart Press seeks to make “the print process as easy and affordable as possible, without ever compromising the quality your homeschool deserves.”

As a Beauty & Truth Math customer, use the coupon code BEAUTYMATH to enjoy 10% off your entire purchase, provided it includes at least one of our products in your cart when ordering.

Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetic Series

If possible, we highly recommend purchasing both the print and digital versions. A page printed from the Strayer-Upton PDF is significantly larger than the book, making it much easier to read and write on. As such, it is a great option for printing review pages so students can use them independently during the week.

  • Print Version: Rainbow Resource provides quality reprints of Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 at a great price.
  • Digital Version: Yesterday’s Classics has both Books 1 and 2 for sale in digital format.


In our arithmetic guides, Book 1 is used for Years 2-3 and Book 2 is used for Years 4-6.

Recommended Supplies

We want you to get your money’s worth out of the materials you purchase for our guides. The table below shows the core special materials we use over multiple years. Additional supplies will be listed in our guides, but these are the ones we recommend investing in due to how often they’re used.

Please Note: The products we link to are examples of what to purchase. Due to fluctuating prices, we cannot keep these links up to date with the best deals we can find.

Arithmetic Supplies

Years 1-6 Supplies

*These boards are our favorites, though we recognize the shipping cost is incredibly high. We recommend purchasing at least two to offset the price per board.

**Math Wrap-Ups are not a part of the Beauty & Truth Math curriculum. However, we highly recommend them for quick practice.


Year 1 Supplies (Optional for Year 2)


Years 3-4 Supplies

Geometry Supplies

Years 1-2 Practical Geometry Supplies

  • YOU MUST PURCHASE THE 1911 EDITION of Lessons in Experimental & Practical Geometry by Hall & Stevens.
  • Geometry Tool Kit
    • This includes compasses, a protractor, a ruler, set squares, and a divider.
  • Ruler
    • This unique ruler provides various measurements, including inches in sixteenths and tenths and millimeters and centimeters.

Algebra Supplies

Elementary Algebra Supplies

  • TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator
    • Students need this calculator beginning in Term 3 for Elementary Algebra and will use it in all future guides. PLEASE NOTE, this link goes to one option on Amazon, but prices fluctuate frequently so we recommend seeing if a cheaper alternative is available. The brand must be Texas Instrument, and the model must be 84-Plus. Its color does not matter.


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