Year 6

Arithmetic Year 6, Pilot Year

The Arithmetic Year 6 Guide is being released one term at a time. Since it is in its first year, it is considered a pilot year. This means it may receive some updates before the Full Year Bundle is released in Summer 2023. All updates are free to anyone who has purchased the curriculum.

Year 6 uses Stayer-Upton, Book 2 for Terms 1 and 2. Strayer-Upton, Book 3 is used in Term 3 and will continue to be used in Year 7.


All bundle products include access to the full year of printables and a student service project.

Arithmetic Year 6 Bundle

Coming Summer 2023

Year 6 uses Strayer-Upton, Book 2 in Terms 1-2 & Strayer-Upton, Book 3 in Term 3. The lessons are scheduled for three days a week. It covers the following ideas:
  • Properties of Mathematics
  • Bar & Line Graphs
  • Dividing Decimals
  • Percents
  • Interest & Money Computations
  • Scale Drawings
  • Ratios

Please Note: These lessons are written to be done 3 days/week. The remaining 2 days/week are reserved for Practical Geometry & Elementary Algebra

The Year 6 Bundle will be gifted to anyone who has purchased ALL three Year 6 terms before the bundle is released.


This product is a 62-page
digital download pdf.


Coming Fall 2022


Coming Winter 2022