Practical Geometry


All bundle products include access to the full year of printables and a student service project.

Practical Geometry Year 1 Bundle

Practical Geometry, Year 1 uses Lessons in Experimental and Practical Geometry and Hands-On Geometry. This guide covers the following ideas: 
  • Solids, Surfaces, & Lines 
  • Measuring Lines 
  • Circles 
  • Angles 
  • Parallel Lines

This product is an 89-page digital download pdf.

Please Note: These lessons are written to be done 1 day/week. The remaining 4 days/week are reserved for Year 5 Arithmetic

The updated guide will be released Summer 2023 when the Practical Geometry, Year 2 Guide will also be finalized. This will help ensure a seamless transition between the two years. All updates are free to anyone who purchases the guide.


This product is a 29-page
digital download pdf.


This product is a 31-page
digital download pdf.


This product is an 28-page
digital download pdf.