Elementary Algebra


IF YOU PLAN TO PRINT GUIDES THIS SUMMER, we recommend waiting until we push the 2024 updated editions (noted by the Copyright date & file name). We are currently editing the typos and mistakes we became aware of this last year.

No worries if you have the printed 2023 editions, though! When we push the 2024 updated editions, we will add a guide corrections document to each of the Important Teacher Helps folders so you can know what typos have been corrected.

A Transition Guide

This is our first guide written TO the student with a corresponding teacher guide. In these guides, the student will typically do 50-75% of each lesson without the teacher. The lessons include at least one teacher check-in, providing opportunities for discussion and assessment.

Beginning in Term 3, students will need a TI-84 Plus (or higher) graphing calculator. We understand this calculator is a big expense for many families. Students use the graphing calculator from Elementary Algebra through the rest of the high school math courses. It is also used in most (if not all) college math courses.

We have written this guide to be all-inclusive. Our desire in doing this is to offset the graphing calculator cost. 

EAY1Bundle 1

All bundle products include access to the full year of printables.

Elementary Algebra Bundle

Elementary Algebra is written using a variety of resources, including resources used in Charlotte Mason’s schools and public-domain algebra books. No additional texts are needed. Lessons are scheduled for once a week. The guide covers the following ideas:
  • Variables
  • Integers
  • Powers
  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Constructing Formulas
  • Solving Simple Equations
  • The Coordinate Plane
This product includes a 143-page student guide and a 75-page teacher guide.

Please Note: These lessons are written to be done 1 day/week. The remaining 4 days/week are reserved for Practical Geometry & Year 6 Arithmetic

This product includes a 48-page student guide and a 28-page teacher guide.
Both are digital download pdfs.
This product includes a 50-page student guide and a 30-page teacher guide.
Both are digital download pdfs.
This product includes a 54-page student guide and a 32-page teacher guide.
Both are digital download pdfs.